We offer a lot of different options when it comes to Galapagos Last Minute Tours. There are 4, 5 and 8 days boat tours, with itineraries that cover most of the islands and magnificent spots to see on the Enchanted Islands. Whether it is on board on an Economic, Tourist, Tourist Superior, First or Luxury class, you will enjoy the best of your money and time!. Check it out to find the option that suits you better. Prices from $ 120 daily per person, all included.


We have the best options to travel to the Amazonas Rainforest on 4 or 5 days. With 100% client satisfaction, we can ensure our tours will definitely be the best to enjoy your time in the jungle. We can offer you options to go to the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, to the Yasuni National Park, to private reserves or anything you are willing to visit. Live in a hut, visit indigenous communities and fish piranhas. Prices from $ 80 daily per person, all included.


We offer 1 and 2 days tours in and around Quito: City tours, Middle of the World (Equator), Otavalo Indian Market, Cotopaxi volcano, Mindo Cloudforest, Papallacta Hot Springs, etc. Our tours include an specialized bilingual guide, with a vast knowledge and experience in the area you are going to visit; our guides do not work, they enjoy working. Visits will be by private new comfy cars. Prices vary depending on the number of people, guide and transportation included.


Willing to reach the highest summit in Ecuador or the highest active volcano in the world? Do you want to downhill bike the Cotopaxi volcano? Horse backride the Pululahua crater? Kayaking or rafting? Hike to find hidden waterfalls, while watching marvelous birds?. All these, and much more, is possible in Ecuador and you can organize that with us. Find the destintation that is best for you and go for it! Prices vary depending on the number of people, going from $ 45 per person, guide, transportation and necessary equipment are included.


Welcome to Ecuador


Near the growing cities in Ecuador it is still possible to feel an environment of quietness and the pleasure of enjoying nature in its real magnitude. Ecuador has more than 55 active volcanoes and snow-capped mountains. Its different regions and excellent location makes it a real paradise with unique flora and fauna.


It is so easy to explore Ecuador: you can have breakfast in the virgin jungle at the Amazonas Rainforest, have lunch in colonial cities that are full of history and manage to sleep with the sweet breeze at the Ecuadorian beaches; the next day you can take a plane that takes you right to the beautiful and very famous Galapagos Islands.


The Pacific Ocean, the Andean Mountains and the Amazon Rainforest make of Ecuador the perfect destination. From bleak plateau, inter Andean valleys, different floors of vegetation in the Andean region, rainforest and coast; you will find wonderful beaches, snow-covered mountains, active volcanoes, giving you the change to do adventure sports, ecoturism, cultural trips or just relax at a warm water beach or hot springs. You will also find pre Hispanic ruins. Visit the most beautiful colonial cities, Galapagos Islands and lots of great countryside that this beautiful little country has to offer you.


Come and enjoy the wonderful experience of visiting the best Country of the World.