Quito City Tour

Quito's old town is the first world's heritage site with historical buildings, churches and monuments. It is the biggest and best preserved one in South America. El Panecillo, hill that dominates it, provides marvelous views of the city and of the surrounding volcanoes. Prices: $30/1p. $20/2p. $15/3-4p. $12/5-15p. Contact us.

Middle of the world-Equator

The big famous monument on "La Mitad del Mundo" is 22 km. north of Quito, built 300 meters off the real Equator. The IntiÑan museum is crossed by the Line, with experiments to prove it. Pululahua volcano's crater is 400 m. deep and 5 km. across, impressive view. Prices: $30/1p. $20/2p. $15/3-4p. $12/5-15p. Contact us.

Otavalo Indian Market

Otavalos are the most succesful indigenous community. The market offers incredible chances to buy handicrafts and to see their traditions that have been kept for centuries. The surrounding areas are just as beautiful as the town. This is a highlight while in Ecuador. Prices: $110/1p. $55/2p. $38/3-4p. $30/5-15p. Contact us.

Cotopaxi Volcano

The Cotopaxi is the earth's highest active volcano (5897m) and the second highest peak in Ecuador. It offers possibilities to see the Andean Condor. This has reachable glaciers at 5100 m. Its national park is full of beautiful spots. Prices: $120/1p. $60/2p. $40/3-4p. $35/5-15p. Downhill Biking $10 extra pp. Contact us.

Mindo Cloud Forest

Mindo is one of the last remaining primary forest on the andean western slopes. It is home to unique birds (specially hummingbirds), orchids, and butterflies. It has many rivers and waterfalls as wells as paths for hiking. It offers lots of out/indoor activities for tourists. Prices: $120/1p. $60/2p. US$ 40/3-4p. $35/5-15p. Contact us.

Papallacta Hot Springs

Situated in a high Andes valley, 40 miles from Quito. The temperature of the springs, heated by Antisana volcano, varies from 36 º to 42 ºC (97 º - 108 ºF). There are also freezing water swimming pools. They have been noted to benefit from rheumatism, arthritis, stress, etc. Prices: $110/1p. $55/2p. $38/3-4p. $30/5-15p. Contact us.

Quilotoa Loop

Drive along the magnificent central valley sheltered by 2 parallel ranges of high mountains, many are volcanoes. The road to get there is one of Ecuador's most beautiful mountain panoramas. The Quilotoa is a beautiful emerald lagoon, reachable with a good hike. Prices: $150/1p. $75/2p. $50/3-4p. $45/5-15p. Contact us.


The enchanted islands were discovered on 1535. This UNESCO's heritage site offers the chance to see unique animals that have inmigrated and developed there. It remains so natural that you can get really close to wild animals. Prices vary depending on tour: Boat, Hotel or Island Hopping. Contact us or see our Offers.


The Rainforest ocuppies the 3rd part of South America and half of the Ecuadorian territory. It has stunning flora and fauna as well as indigenous communities that know the secrets of the jungle. Lodges are inmerse on the deep forest. Prices are from $190/4days and $230/5days, all included. Contact us or see our Offers.